A group of vanning enthusiasts started trucking in the early 80'S and decided to form the organization know as Altruk Vanners Inc.. Altruk became incorporated with the
state of Connecticut in 1991 and currently has a membership of a combination of ten vans and  trucks. The club is a proud member of the New England Van Council.

Over the years, Altruk has volunteered it's time to assist other vanning organizations with their yearly events, such as, Tricky Truckers Meltdown, and Lost Memorial Day Weekend. Besides volunteering for these events, Altruk has hosted a number of poker runs and Halloween parties for the vanning community.

In 1992 Altruk Vanners joined Tri-City Vanners in co-hosting Boogie Bash. After twenty-six years of hosting this spectacular event Tri-City announced that 2001 would be their last run. With Tri-City's guidance and know-how, Altruk was able to gain many years of experience and the club learned how to put on a quality event. Altruk took over the event in 2002 and renamed it Super Somer. This event still remains one of the biggest van events in New England with over 300 trucks in attendance at Super Somer 1. The event attracts some of the best show vans on the east coast and each is fighting for the honor of being called "Best In Show.

The members of Altruk Vanners are always looking forward to future vanning events and are excited to meet new friends and share good times with old friends.

Looking forward to seeing you at Super Somer 7